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Tarps Manufacturing, Inc. - 1000 State Highway 104    -   Meredosia, IL 62665
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Agrigulture Tarps Agricultural Tarps

Tarps Manufacturing, Inc. does more. We take care to listen to your design ideas and implement them so you have the end product you envisioned.

We are a premier supplier of specialized tarp products. Production of Trucking, Agricultural, and Construction - Containment tarps define the output. Quality, timely delivery, and cost effectiveness define the production value to our customers.

CONSTRUCTION TARPS - CONTAINMENT are primarily used to contain overspray, blasting, and debris. We provide heavy duty nylon for most projects that is the same as used in auto air bags. Other projects call for mesh tarps that allow good air flow. We can also produce large scale printed tarps like the 20'X30' flags used on Freedom Tower One.

TRUCKING TARPS are primarily roll tarp systems. We are Platinum dealers of Shurco Systems, and manufacture the actual tarps on site.

AGRICULTURE TARPS are usually for grain cover or equipment covers. TARPS can produce these covers for any size install.

Call us at 877-584-1900! Tarps Manufacturing, Inc. is a subsidiary of Illinois Road Contractors, Inc., Jacksonville, IL.

A Tarp is a Tool ... Get a Good One!


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